Put me down, set me aside and you will never be allowed to pick me up again. I am not flowers in the vase or the pretty thing on your shelf, I am the shelf, I am the table that hold all things and nourishes all things. If my leg comes undone for a moment, you do not put me down. You use your hands, your head and your goddamned heart to hold me up till’ I am strong again. You do this because this is what love calls for. You do this because when I am strong, we are strong. You do this because everything you whispered to me when times were light must be true. You do not put this down, you do not put down something as solid and everlasting as me.

— Te’ V. Smith The Promise Of Breaking (via tevsmith)

According to you,
people like me
shouldn’t go into places like this or
be around people like these.
but you don’t know the half of it.
The brightest of stars, frankly
are just a load of hot air and
diamonds, sadly,
were just formed from dust and rock
and the butterfly, remember,
used to crawl on its belly
and tiny legs
through the dirt.

— from Yrsa Daley-Ward. You Dont Know the Half Of It. (via thiswillnotlast)

Stand up straight! Fix your mouth from that distressed position, wipe your eyes and stand up. People only love you when they love you. Never forget that you are what you have, you have always been all that you have. Every moment spent running from that truth, has caused redundant undoings. So…stand up straight, brush your bruises, pick up your things and do what you must and keep walking. You don’t have far to go now…

— Te’ V. Smith Sigh (as in a steadied flow of breaths to allow the moment to pass through you and make room for your solution)

One day, someone will say “I love you” and you will hear “family”. That is a love worth surrendering to.

— Te’ V. Smith (via tevsmith)

Hold me closer, when anger would say to let me go. That is a love worth resting in.

— Te’ V. Smith (via tevsmith)

she said: don’t fall for me, i’ve never been good at catching men.

— Te’ V. Smith How We Loved From The Bottom (via tevsmith)

Don’t you let the Devil make you believe that God doesn’t have better for you. Don’t you let the enemy make you believe that the Devil has greater passions for you. Don’t you let your disappointments hold you back from everything that Christ wants you to experience. Don’t you let the enemy hold you because the God who exalted Jesus is the same God yesterday, today, and forevermore and He is still doing a passionate work to change lives, to transform people and He always has something better to give because the Devil always gives a counterfeit bill but God owns the treasury.

Don’t change so that people will like you. Be the real you and the right people will love you. Don’t give up yourself - and stoop to be a counterfeit.

— Unknown  (via thatkindofwoman)